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History & Background

Elgin Middlesex Oxford Purchasing Co-operative


During the Summer and Fall of 1997 informal meetings / discussions began between the Executives of three Purchasing Groups (London, St Thomas / Elgin, and Oxford) to determine the possibility of amalgamating the three groups into one larger group.


In the spring of 1998, the respective groups finalized the formation of a new Group called EMOP (Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford Purchasing Co-op). It was decided that all former groups would dissolve by resolution by June 9, 1998 and that all Agencies wishing to be part of the new Group would need to forward Agency resolutions by June 30, 1998.


It was also decided that a Chairperson would be chosen from one of the three current chairs. The three chairs met and elected John Nanni (London) to the position of Chair, with Marg Clowes (Oxford) and Carol Ewaskiw (Elgin) as first and second Vice Chairs respectively. This format would continue for the future ensuring all three areas would have equal representation on the Executive. Originally the Chairperson would hold office for a one year period and each Vice Chair would move up in position. An election would be held to fill the position of second Vice Chair for the outgoing Chairperson from that geographical area. At the November 14, 2001meeting, a motion was passed to amend the Chair and Vice Chair positions term of office to be extended to a two year term.


On November 5, 1998 the first official meeting of the newly formed Elgin/Middlesex/Oxford Purchasing co-operative was held at St Thomas City Hall, 545 Talbot Street, St. Thomas. 


25 agencies were represented:


Aylmer, Town of

Oxford, County of

Central Elgin, Municipality of

St Thomas, City of

Elgin Assoc. for Community Living

St Thomas Senior’s Centre

Elgin, County of

St Thomas Public Library

Family & Children Services of Elgin

St Thomas P.U.C.

Elgin-St Thomas Health Unit

Thames Valley District School Board

Fanshawe College

Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital

Healthcare Materials Management Services London

University of Western Ontario

London, City of

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

London Hydro

Woodstock, City of

London Regional Art & History Museums

Woodstock Police Services

London Transit

Woodstock P.U.C.

Malahide Township


In addition the following agencies were also members but not present at the meeting:

London & District Catholic School Board



EMOP continues to operate to this day.  Currently in 2023, twenty five (25) years after the merger, the cooperative consists of forty-four (44) member Agencies.  The current Chairperson is Mike Hoogstra (Elgin County) and the two Vice-Chair positions are held by Meaghan Vader (East Zorra-Tavistock) and Tony Defent (ERTH Power).

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